TR & Mac The Hopeful Black Dog

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Created By Mike King & Tommy Wilson

By writing this book we are hoping to change the way the world deals with bullies.  Our current strategy is reactive by dealing with the behaviour, rather than proactive by asking "what drives the behaviour?" Why do bullies bully?  Bullying is a learned behaviour and behind every little bully in school there is almost always a bigger bully in that kids life showing them that this is what love looks like.  In this book we don't humiliate, punish or exclude the bullies.  Instead we show them love, compassion and understanding and empower them to recognise that their behaviour is not love.  We truly believe that once you show a confused kid what true love really looks like they will be empowered to change.  So let's stop throwing hate at the problem and start throwing love at the solution after all everybody deserves to be loved.  Even the bully.

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